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Manchester Freshers’ Guide 2017

Manchester Freshers’ Guide 2017

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Manchester Freshers’ Guide 2017

Words by: Emma Baker

Manchester Freshers’ Guide 2017

It’s that time of year again; where a fresh batch of student meat join Manchester’s already bustling throng of established scholars. And what better way to get acquainted with your new roomies, and soon to be class companions, than to down a few Jagerbombs and get yourself out on the freshers scene.

As we all know freshers is all about throwing yourself into the mix, dancing, dressing up, and drinking ’til you chunder, and chundering ’til your nose bleeds. Let us give you the low-down on the hippest student hang outs for said activities to take place. Fresh off the print; here’s our guide to the city’s hottest fresher shindigs.

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