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Agbeko at YES on 13.03.20


Picks Of The Month

Agbeko at YES on 13.03.20

Words by Michael Fairclough

Agbeko at YES on 13.03.20

We’re finishing off our March 2020 picks of the month with one of our own and a show you’d be foolish to dodge.

Manchester’s one and only funk-psych-jazz-rock-afrobeat inspired outfit bring bags of energy and a raucous live show.

Captivated by the dancefloors of 1970s Nigeria, Ghana and Ethiopia, the 11-piece (yes, 11) volley out powerful riffs, glorious grooves and politically aware lyrics.

All of that while you, and them, have the collective time of your lives. Sounds like a perfect night out, doesn’t it? Yep, thought so.




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