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Basshunter at Gorilla on 09.08.19


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Basshunter at Gorilla on 09.08.19

Words by: Becky Sales

Basshunter at Gorilla on 09.08.19

Swedish seasoned club banger extraordinaire, Basshunter, is heading to Gorilla this August.

He dominated the early 2000s dance charts with massive hits including ‘Now You’re Gone’ and ‘All I Ever Wanted’ and it’s these classics that will be making up his impressive set.

Starting off as an internet phenomenon off the back of his first album, he was soon signed by Warner Bros in 2006.

His last release was in 2013 which featured rare recordings of his ‘Early Bedroom Sessions’.

And, while, we’ve not heard much from him in the last few years, there’s no doubt this noughties legend will be putting on a performance to remember.




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