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Sampa The Great at YES on 17.11.19

Sampa The Great

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Sampa The Great at YES on 17.11.19

Words by: Becky Sales

Sampa The Great at YES on 17.11.19

Zambian singer-songwriter and rapper, Sampa the Great, is bringing her hip-hop beats to YES.

First finding fame in 2015 by being featured on the single ‘Beauty’ by future soul singer-songwriter, Wallace she has been taking Australian audiences by storm.

She only returned to her roots earlier this year when playing her first show in Zambia – her most challenging audience to date with lots of pressure to impress.

With that show under her belt, performing her new album to Mancunians will be a walk in the park.

‘The Return’ looks into themes of home heritage, displacement and freedom, against an encapsulating afrobeat, R&B and neo-soul background.




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